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Muscle Building Crackdown On Muscle Building Steroids

Muscle Building Crackdown On Muscle Building Steroids

Many of the professional sports associations perform random drug tests on their players, and some have instituted policies that direct that these drug tests be done only on an annual basis. The 364-day window that is left wide open allows professional athletes to use steroids without fear of being caught. There is a crackdown on muscle building steroids because there have been numerable deaths associated with them.
The most recent urge for a crackdown on muscle building steroids comes from the death of an athlete in the world of wrestling. While the athlete's death was not from steroids use directly, the depression and rage termed "roid rage," was basically what caused him to kill his wife and young child before he committed suicide. People are now expecting a full crackdown on muscle building steroids in all sports, after the autopsies are completed to prove that the athlete used steroids.
Some think that the crackdown on muscle building steroids should not include s teroids that are prescribed by a licensed physician, as is the case with the professional wrestler. Other people view the use of steroids on another level and are considering offering stiffer penalties to those athletes that combine steroids with other prescription drugs.
Many believe that the crackdown on muscle building steroids is necessary because they are widely used in the sports world. The strenuous aspects of the sports leave some sports professionals in jeopardy of losing a lucrative salary because they are not muscular enough to handle the brutality that is dished out on the various fields that they play on. Many owners of sports clubs are now urged to establish strict guidelines to follow and not to allow steroid use under any circumstance.
Some sports organizations such as the National Football League have already taken drastic steps to discourage the use of muscle building steroids. If all tests are correct, it could prove devastating to any sport if ent ire teams were to test positive for steroid use, and many sports owners are hesitant on taking the chance that this could very well happen at any time during the season.
The suspensions that have occurred are minor infractions in the minds of some sports teams. This view is taken because one sports organization has had only 44 suspensions in their history and these suspensions are sprinkled out over a 15-year period. Other sports teams have only recently suspended their first player for using muscle building steroids and this is because they are sensitive to the crackdown on muscle building steroids that has gotten the attention of many people in Congress.
Some sports bettors are placing bets on how much longer athletes will be able to get away with taking muscle building steroids, and are favoring placing bets on the results of tests that come as a direct result of the crackdown on muscle building steroids that cause death in many of the athletes that take them. Som e deaths occur through heart attacks brought on by steroid use and others from suicide that is caused by the mind altering chemicals found in steroids, but all of these questionable deaths are associated with muscle building steroid use in some way, shape or form.

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